Bethel, M.I.T. Grad Invents Revolutionary Product to Remove Insects from Homes & #SavetheBees

BETHEL, CT—An M.I.T. and Bethel High School graduate now living in Ohio has created a revolutionary new product that solves a problem many have in their homes—bugs—while also saving the bees and other important insects.

Mark Ortiz, an MIT graduate and Bethel native is the engineer of the Keyachi Bug Remover™ (patent pending), an easy to use device that attaches to a vacuum to allow users to safely catch and release bugs from their homes. Inventor of more than 200+ patented products, Mark’s motto is, “Simplicity always wins.” And simplicity can clearly be seen I the Keyachi’s design.

The clear plastic vacuum hose shows how the Keyachi stops bugs from being sucked into your vacuum cannister and crawling back out later. The bugs stay trapped inside the chamber and allows the user to release pollinators and other beneficial insects back into their natural habitats to help our environment without using any harmful chemicals or sprays. Keyachi also enables users to safely trap bugs from a distance and release them without having to touch them.

Mark describes his creation as “a weapon for good in the perilous plight of pollinators.” His cousin, organic landscape designer Dennis Leahy, co-founder of Light Wing Labs stated:

“When I saw this device that my cousin Mark was working on, I immediately saw it as a way to save pollinators and beneficial bugs.  A safe, easy, effective way to catch them live and return them outside.  That’s why I got involved and encouraged Mark to let me help him bring this important product to market. As an owner of an organic landscaping company for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen the harmful results of people using chemicals on their lawns to control weeds and insects, chemicals on flowers to control bugs, chemical sprays in their homes.”

Dennis continued, “I’ve also seen good results when a client trusted me enough to convert their property to an organic haven:  no chemicals, no non-native invasive plants, but an abundance of pollinator attracting plants.  Healthier lawns.  More vibrant flowers.  Their children can roll around on the grass without fear.  Their dogs that had skin issues often cleared up. One person using Keyachi to free pollinators will not save the world.  But many of us, together, choosing to catch and release bugs rather than spray them, can improve our home and yard’s environment.  We will use less toxic chemical sprays.  We will return more pollinators and beneficial bugs outside.”

The duo is seeking backers on a Kickstarter campaign they’ve created to fund the project.

“We have Keyachi Bug Remover nearly ready for release,” Mark said. “We’ve designed and tested it extensively over the past two years. Now we need your help to get us up over this last hill:  scaling and product release. Your backing will help us automate the manufacturing process and scale production by purchasing tooling, a commercial grade manufacturing equipment, and component molds.”

The product is made in the U.S. and all manufacturing and assembly will be done in the Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area.

To learn more and back their campaign, visit Keyachi’s Kickstarter campaign.

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