Turn Your Basement Into a Home Office/Game Room with a Custom Remodel from Elite Construction Group

Photo credit: Rendon VA

BROOKFIELD, CT—With the work-from-home trend continuing to take our nation by storm in the wake of COVID-19, many contractors are busier than they’ve ever been. According to Rick Welday of Forbes, “71% of office workers were doing their job from home all or most of the time last year. Additionally, nearly 93% of school-aged students reported some form of distance learning during 2020. These are huge numbers that underscore the drastic ways in which we’ve had to adapt technologically as the state of the world changed around us.” (Pew Research Center).

With the rise of work-from-home parents and learn-from-home students, finding space in the home where children and their parent employees can focus at the same time, under the same roof, is crucial to both of their success. With many families having several children and one or two work-from-home parents, finding a quiet space to concentrate can be quite a challenge.

So how are families solving the noise/space issue in their homes? Enter in David Alger, owner of *Elite Construction Group. “Now more than ever we’ve seen an increase in people rethinking their home living spaces. From home offices, to renovating a basement or garage and turning it into an office, family room or a den, we’ve seen it all. This trend is not going away any time soon.”

Alger and his team of designers, carpenters, and home remodeling crews have been busy churning out top quality family rooms, home offices, attic space makeovers and more to accommodate the rising demand.

“Businesses are trending towards having employees work from home even after the pandemic has passed because the cost in doing so is beneficial. This shift in the market has prompted some homeowners to consider major home renovations to develop these additional spaces in their home—whether it’s refinishing a basement, creating an office space in a large room, or a small addition.”

“More than a year into the pandemic, more than 56% of American workers are still working remotely, with 41% fully remote. This represents a 44% increase from prior to the pandemic. And of those continuing to work remotely, 82% hope to continue to work from home at least one day a week or more in the future. These sentiments are presenting a challenge to return-to-office strategies as companies look to retain their employees. In fact, many employees have expressed that they would look for a new job if they were no longer allowed to work where they choose,” Welday stated.

For more information on how you can turn your home living space work better for you and your family, contact David Alger at Elite Construction Group”: (203) 648-9995 or David@eliteegroup.com.

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Photo credit: Rendon VA

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