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JJ Stacks is Building Taste in Brookfield One Double-Decker at a Time

BROOKFIELD, CT—If you need an excuse to eat a hearty and delicious double-decker burger or sandwich today, JJ Stack’s got you covered! The newly opened Brookfield eatery boasts mouthwatering burgers, hot dogs, hand cut fries and much more. Owners Joe Attonito and Joe Acocella opened the unique eatery in late August and have been going full steam ahead ever since.

Attonito was the owner/operator of the former Tiger’s Den Sports Bar in Ridgefield, and has over 28 years of experience in the industry, started our as a bus boy and working his way up through the ranks.

“Currently I work in sales, selling food to restaurants, but was itching to get back in. This to me is like sort of some unfinished business when my previous restaurant closed abruptly after years of struggle,” Attonito said.

Acocella, on the other hand, is a restaurant newbie, but is dedicated to learning the business and becoming a bigger part of the day-to-day operations he said.

The dynamic duo said they were originally going to open a food truck but then came across this opportunity and they couldn’t refuse the chance to make something uniquely theirs and thus JJ Stacks was born. The restaurant got its name when Joe Acocella combined their first initials and the restaurant concept of their triple decker sandwiches.

Attonito said he chose to open in Broofield becasuse he loves the feel of a charming small town.

“I grew up working in restaurants with heavy “local” and “regular” business and that’s how I want to grow,” Attonito said. “We are a very community-oriented team as far as supporting local business and teaming up for fun and often charitable events, and Brookfield seems like a town that would greatly appreciate that.:

At his previous restaurant, Attonito was well-known in the Ridgefield community and helped dozens of non-profits, educational organizations, sports teams and more. He has already begun doing the same in Brookfield by hosting a few charitable events.

While opening during a global pandemic has been a challenge, Attonito said that the large patio and outdoor section offers plenty of room for safe social distancing and a great view of the mini golf course which is perfect for outdoor family fun.

“The fact that the whole feel of the place is that of an old take-out burger and ice cream joint which made us feel more comfortable considering COVID precautions. We love the idea of a unique way to spend time outdoors and something fun for kids and families to do together after being cooped up inside for so long. Obviously, we have our share of challenges, but we’re hoping the community takes to us quickly and we’re able to overcome what is sure to be a very tricky winter,” Attonito said.

Speaking of which, the restaurant offers take-out and curbside to go in addition to catering for corporate and community functions. The restaurant will be open all year round offering their full menu as well as homemade soup and donut specials for curbside and take-out, as well as limited dine-in options. JJ Stacks also participates with @deliverydotcom @ubereats @doordash and @grubhub.

The roadside restaurant is conveniently located at 537 Federal Road in Brookfield. For more information, visit JJ Stacks on Facebook, Instagram @JJStacks203 or online at

Photos: Joe Attonito, JJ Stacks


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Dinner Just Got a Whole Lot Easier for These 40 CT & NY Towns

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BROOKFIELD, CT — In a rapidly changing business landscape where consumers are ordering from big box stores and corporate delivery services, two local, independent business owners hope to get their message out that shopping locally and supporting small businesses not only helps them, but the communities they serve, including Brookfield. Founder and co-owner of Vroom Service Now​, Scott Leandra, along with his business partner David Harvey, say that exceptional customer service is what has gotten them this far.

“We are David against Goliath,” Harvey said regarding their competition.

“We started way before the big national companies came into the area,” said Leandra, who founded the company in Sandy Hook back in 2009 with only seven restaurants.

“With great support from our loyal customers, we have been able to grow and continue to bring more local restaurant choices to more areas than ever before.”

Operating out of their office in Brookfield, the pair said they are experiencing “tremendous growth” of their food delivery service.

“We’ve tripled in size in the last two years,” said Leandra. The company is now in 40 towns in Connecticut and New York and more than 200 restaurants. By the end of 2018 they project to be in 60 towns with over 300 local restaurants participating in the service.  The restaurant delivery service delivers food right to consumers’ front doors and pride themselves in their “old fashioned customer service.”

“Although most customers order online or by mobile app, they can still talk to a live person when they need one,” Leandra explained.

Delivery prices start at $3.99 and there is a $17 minimum order. The service delivers within nine miles of the participating restaurant for everyday deliveries and can travel up to 20 miles for catering orders.

Vroom Service Now delivers to the following Connecticut and New York towns:

Beacon Falls
Brewster NY
Carmel NY
Holmes NY
New Fairfield
New Milford
North Salem NY
Patterson NY
Pawling NY
Sandy Hook

“Unlike other delivery services, Vroom Service Now does not increase menu prices to the customer.”

Vroom Service Now delivers from 10 a.m. through 10 p.m. seven days a week. Delivery times average about 45 minutes. Leandra said that putting a personal touch on business relationships and knowing their restaurant partners can reach out to them at any time, separates them from the big national brands.

“Having been in the restaurant industry for over 25 years, we understand what restaurants go through every day. Restaurant owners understand the difficulty of delivering hot food to customers and appreciate the value of our service,” Leandra stated.

“There are a lot of great people in the restaurant industry. We have had a lot of fun getting to know many of them. We enjoy what we do, and the great people we meet along the way.”

To view local restaurants in your area that Vroom Service delivers from, visit

Photo credit: Scott Leandra, Vroom Service Now

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