Fairfield County, CT Residents Can Stay Safe From COVID-19 By Using VanGo Grocery Delivery Service

assorted-vegetable-lot-2733918 (2)FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CT—While many businesses are closed and millions are unable to go to work or school due to the coronavirus pandemic, one local company is helping residents stay safe at home by providing grocery shopping and delivery. VanGo, a ride service for pre-teens and teens, is offering the shopping service now that they’re temporarily no longer booking rides to school and activities due to the COVID-19 shutdown.

Jamrozik created the company in 2018 specifically to support working moms to get help from trusted members of their community by providing children’s transportation to and from school, sports, and other activities. Now that the kids are no longer in school, Jamrozik, is adapting to the change.

“Since schools have shut down, we have been looking for other ways to continue supporting families within our community, and provide work for our drivers. One big pain point we noticed was getting access to groceries, especially with delivery dates and times booked up with current providers. We saw a path forward that would help both families and drivers within our community,” Jamrozik said.

While other grocery service providers have a week wait or longer, VanGo Grocery provides consistent next-day delivery as long as customers place their order by 3PM EST. In addition, many families can have the same 3-4 shoppers working with them on a regular basis so there’s a level of familiarity as well.

Customers can log onto VanGo Grocery and navigate the user-friendly website to place their order. Shoppers text families when and if an item is out of stock to ensure families are getting the right type of substitutions. Deliveries are contact-free and drivers wear masks and gloves when shopping for and dropping off the grocery order to customers.

Rates are similar to other grocery delivery services. VanGo Grocery is making sure shoppers are being paid fairly for time spent picking, packing, and delivering to consumers.

“Ultimately, our goal as a company was always to support families in a variety of ways. We started off with transportation, with the long-term aim to expand to other services. That time has come sooner than expected! When schools reopen in the future, we plan to continue offering grocery delivery, ride-sharing, and other family services in the future,” Jamrozik said.

Jamrozik said that while the change to her new business has been challenging, what helps to keep her and the VanGo team going during this crisis is the support they’ve received from the community.

“We are a small team, and this societal change has challenged us to think creatively. We’ve been working hard to launch grocery delivery in Fairfield County, and are really grateful for the support we’ve received from the community to date. That’s what keeps us going.”

VanGo Grocery is available in Ridgefield, as well as all of Fairfield County. For more information or to download the app, visit VanGo: ridevango.com/grocery.

Photo: VanGo Grocery

Photo Credit: Marta Jamrozik, Owner, VanGo​

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